Expectations of a large growth in investment volume in Turkey for 2018

The volume of investment in the public and private sectors is expected to grow by 14.5 percent next year compared to this year, the Turkish Minister of Development said during a speech at a meeting of the Turkish parliament to discuss the draft budget for 2018.

In his speech, the minister praised the new plan to attract investors, through which investors can obtain all the necessary permits from the one hand in the development agency in Istanbul, without having to review any other government agency, and said that investments next year will be in the field of Health, education, potable water, and science technology, as well as social programs to fight poverty and unemployment.

On the other hand, he pointed out that his country is doing a lot of effort to fight unemployment, where more than 900 thousand jobs are provided each year.



فرصة ممتازة للاستثمار مع عائد آجار مضمون في وسط اسطنبول

استثمر بشراء شقق فندقية في إسطنبول مع عقد آجار بعائد أدناه 20,000 دولار سنويا

استثمار مضمون مع سلسلة فنادق روتانا وفي موقع استراتيجي من إسطنبول الساحرة




العرض الحالي تقسيط لمدة 60 شهر بدلا عن 24 شهر

العدد المتبقي من الشقق محدود – انتهزوا الفرصة الآن

للمزيد من المعلومات


Modern Apartments with Excellent Services for Sale in Istanbul Heart


Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Center located in Bahcelievler which is an important area due to its strategic and central location. Qualified housing projects and the population of the district are increasing every day. Therefore, it has been the focus of investors.

The project is located 10 minutes from Ataturk International Airport, 7 minutes from Marmara Forum Mall, 1 minute from Kush Hospital, 15 from Taksim, 10 minutes from Sultanahmet and 10 minutes from Atakoy Marina.


The construction company is one of the largest construction companies in Istanbul, where it creates huge residential complexes and most of its projects are in the center of Istanbul near the transport and main roads.

Payment plan possible in the project up to 4 years

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Property for Sale Near Istanbul City Center

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey in a special project located in the central area of Topkapi; the project characterized by a dynamic location in the middle of Istanbul, which is considered an excellent opportunity for investment and living together, The project is very close to public transportation. One of the most important features of the project is that there are two metro “subway” stations at the beginning and at the end of the project, “Terazidiri”, and “Mahmoud Bey” stations


The project is being built by one of the largest Turkish companies, and the project is secured by a partnership agreement with one of the largest Turkish banks that guarantees you to buy and invest without any risk.

Real estate for sale in Istanbul Turkey in a project combining modern design and new innovations “as the world’s first patented “Fold Home“, as an innovative concept that makes your small home with more than 25 additional rooms, Such as a mini cinema, electronic games rooms, meeting rooms, and guest reception.

Payment plan possible in the project up to 5 years

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Stylish Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Project Code: TAM-146

This project located in Gurpinar region which belongs to Beylikduzu municipality on the European side of Istanbul with 35000 square meters area includes 489 apartment spread over eight low rise buildings and the green area covers 22000 m2 of the project.

The project is 1500 meters distance from the sea and is close to the main transport line in Istanbul E5, and only 25 minutes from Ataturk International Airport, 6 minutes from the closest metro station boss and 3 minutes from the beach. Public transportation pass just in front of the residential compound.

Project Features:

  • Located in Gurpinar region which belongs to Beylikduzu municipality which is famous for its beauty and real-estate investment return due to the large growth in the region by people who like to live a quiet life distinguished with the view of the sea.
  • The project is ready for living and the apartment spaces varieties meet different tastes.
  • Many services offer a complete luxury life you seek.
  • Refreshing and tranquil life near the sea of Marmara.
  • Separated facilities for men/women.


  • Swimming pool for men / swimming pool for women
  • Swimming pool for children
  • Closed garage for cars
  • Sea view
  • Gym for men and another separated one for women
  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Shopping malls
  • Security 24/7
  • Games for children
  • Tennis court
  • Open and closed swimming pools
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Supermarket
  • Garden terrace room
  • Microwave oven
  • Smart house system
  • Entertainment room

Payment plan available with 0 interest

The project is ready to move in

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شقق للبيع في إسطنبول بيلكدوزو بالقرب من المرافق الرئيسية

رمز المشروع: TAM-145
ضمن مشروع متميز يقع في مركز جذب جديد بإسطنبول الحداثة، في منطقة بيلكدوزو التي تعتبر مركزا استراتيجيا حيث تتقاطع بها الطرق الرئيسية المؤدية إلى مختلف الجهات، بالإضافة لقربها من مطار أتاتورك الدولي والأوتوستراد الدولي TEM. تتمتع بيلكدوزو بتوفر جميع الخدمات الصحية والاجتماعية والمدارس فيها، فلا حاجة للذهاب بعيدا لتأمين متطلبات حياة رائعة وسهلة المنال في هذه المنطقة.
خدمات المشروع:
لتوفير المزيد من أجواء الفرح والنشاط والحياة الاجتماعية، يضم المجمع:
• مركز للياقة
• حدائق
• حمامات تركية
• ساونا
• مسابح مغلقة داخلية
• غرف ألعاب للأطفال
• بالإضافة الى الأمن والحراسة على مدار على الساعة
المشروع قيد الإنشاء ومن المقرر تسليمه في حزيران 2018.
راسلنا للمزيد من المعلومات
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Investment Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Located in Beylikduzu just opposite to the Metrobus station, These apartments with privileged social amenities provide direct transportation to every point of Istanbul.

Luxury apartments in Istanbul are surrounded by hotels, hospitals and schools, charming restaurants and hosts one of the largest shopping malls in the entire city found within walking distance. Apartments are 4 km to the beach, 1,5 km to Tuyap Fair Center, 5 km to Aqua Marine Water Games and Entertainment Center, 800 m to Medicana Hospital, 6 km to TEM highway and 17 km to International Atatürk Airport Center. Also.


The project is under construction and it will be delivered by the end of 2018.

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Buy your sea view Apartment in Alanya

Apartments for sale in one of the most beautiful living complexes in the centrum of Alanya

which promises a real “RESIDENCE” concept.

All facilities and functions were designed to make your life more enjoyable and easier.

The project is located in the heart of Alanya and it consists of 2 blocks. These well-designed apartments are suitable both for summer and winter living. And everything you will need.

Sea view Apartments for Sale in Turkey are centrally located in Alanya within walking distance to amenities, such as centrum of Alanya, bazaars, restaurants, local transport, hospitals etc. Beautiful sandy Cleopatra Beach is only 800 m away.

Fully furnished apartments, 24/7 security, VIP Cinema Room, electric floor heating, bowling, business room, a SPA with Turkish bath, steam room, sauna etc.


There are 2 types of available apartments

  • Studio flat is 40 m² with a living room, an open-plan kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.
  • 1 bedroom flats are 55 m² with a living room, an open plan-kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.

Payment plan available: Down payment 50% and the rest installment up to 12 months.

Turkish Projects Entered the “AEC Excellence Awards 2017”


The Istanbul Metro and Tunnel Project and the Istanbul III Airport Project have entered the competition for the AEC Excellence Awards, one of the most prestigious international awards to be held in Las Vegas, USA.

The metro line (Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey) is 22.5 km long and consists of 19 stations, and 83% of the excavation has been completed and planned to be opened in 2019.

Istanbul’s third airport will be one of the world’s largest and most modern airports. It will provide services to 200 million passengers a year on completion. while the operation of the airport is expected to generate revenues of 22 billion euros in 25 years and will provide more than 100,000 jobs annually at the opening of its first phase.

Buy your Apartment in the Center of Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul located in the favorite investment region of Istanbul “Basin Express”. Between the two major ring roads, the TEM and the E5. This area is surrounded by textile companies, trade centers, media companies and banking units. Thanks to its location, transportation is also easy to access from this region. If you want to buy apartments in Istanbul, this area is a unmissable opportunity.

Constructed over 21 floors, this mammoth project consists of 400 properties for sale in istanbul ranging from one up to two bedrooms in size and is designed and constructed by one of the most reputable developers in the city.


Within the grounds of the complex, residents can enjoy access to a wide range of social and commercial facilities designed to improve quality of life, including many shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and other daily amenities located on the ground floor of the building. For relaxing, take a dip in the swimming pool, walk through the gardens, or simply relax in one of the sunbathing areas.

Inside, the apartments are designed with an open plan modern interior and feature spacious layouts capitalizing on space and natural sunlight to create airy homes. All properties within the project are equipped with balconies where residents can relax and admire the view across the surrounding areas.

Aavailabile Options

  • 1+1 bedroom apartments size 65m2 – 130m2
  • 2+1 bedroom apartments size 119m2 – 296m2

Payment plan:

25% down payment, 30 months installment