Investing in real estate in Turkey always wins…

The situation of the real estate sector in Turkey has been “amazing”; the investor in real estate cannot lose in Istanbul. The opportunities in the field of real estate in Turkey have evolved dramatically in recent times, and anyone who wants to invest in Istanbul will never lose, because in the whole world there is only one ISTANBUL.

Mr. Hamad Al hadfa CEO of “ Mazaya” Qatari real estate company continued to say: Among many reasons that made Turkey attach great importance to invest in real estate; Turkey’s opportunities in the real estate market will continue in the medium and long term, pointing out that property prices Istanbul is below many European countries the prices.

Actually, the experience of buying an apartment in Istanbul or Turkey in general is a fruitful investment, whether this apartment was for living or for investment. For sure, the yield will be greater if the investment was in more than one apartment under which is under construction, whether in cash or in installments, because the prices of these apartments increase by almost 30% when the project is completed depending on the project and construction level reached when buying the property in Turkey.الاستثمار في العقارات بتركيا استثمار رابح على الدوام


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