Real estate investment in Turkey continues to grow at a high pace

Real estate sector in turkey is considered profitable and safe shelter for investment, since it has grown steadily with a growth rate of 10%, despite the rise in property prices in Turkey which increased by 20 % from last year . This was announced by Mr. President of the American real estate company, “Coldwell Banker” in Turkey, Gokhan tach .

الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا يواصل نموه

Although Istanbul considered as the center and focus of the investment in real estate sector in Turkey; Mr. Tach predicted that investing in other cities such as the Bursa will be fruitful more in the next few years.

Mr. tach gave his advice for those interested in investing in real estate and apartments sector in Turkey to invest in cheap apartments to ease their selling and leasing, and to purchase four apartments rather than buying one apartment with cost of one million Turkish Liras; preferably these apartments are in residential complexes which enjoy good services. Also, he mentioned that investment in shops and offices will be more profitable if it is rented out.


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