Flower Expo in Antalya welcomes you as from 22 April…

expo.jpg“Akso” of Antalya, will  hosts the activities of the flower Expo 2016; the history of this wonderful exhibition extends to 160 years.

This exhibition is the third largest gathering in the world, after the Olympics and football World Cup. It will be held on 1121 acres, and lasts for 191 days under the sponsorships of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey; the exhibition theme is “green world for the new generations” while the basic theme will be “children and flowers.”

The supervision teams established walking trail area of about 300 thousand square meters, while the area of green space is 650 thousand square meters, and the lake inside is 0.8 acres.

The exhibition over 191 days will offer: local and international concerts, theatrical performances, conferences and seminars; as well as special events for Ramadan, and recreational programs will be held in public streets.

It is expected that nearly 8 million people will visit the Flower Expo, since 51 countries till today signed the documents to take share in it, which will contribute to enrich the tourism in Antalya

The total cost of the ongoing three years preparations is almost 1.7 billion Turkish Liras. During this period 25 thousand trees planted of 120 different genres.

Charming Flower Expo in Antalya is waiting for you…


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