Your apartment in Yalova for profitable investment

Project Code: YLV-001
The project is blessed with a unique location, which is considered one of the most peaceful and charming residential places, in addition to being close to the city center (downtown), it is also located in the center of one of the most important Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. The project is only 300 away from the main street that is located between Yalova and Armutlu, which makes it highly valued, and also faces the beautiful view of the sea of Marmara. It is situated in Main Street which will be the connection to the new bridge; that connects Istanbul and Yalova, this will give the project a high investment value. It will take only 45 minutes to reach Sabiha Airport and an approximately 60 minutes to reach Istanbul center, after the opening of bridge.
It is a wonderful story of life in beautiful complex, consists of 60 luxury apartments for sale in Yalova Turkey, surrounded by green hills and the sea view and very near to the beach. These apartments enjoy modern architect designs and elegant, comfortable equipment.
This project is different from other projects in Turkey because it brings profits to the investor on the short and mid term as follows:
* In the Short Term: the construction company of this project offers to rent your apartment to others, in the times that the owner wants to rent it through the renting system, while taking in consideration the maintenance of the apartment and taking a good care of the apartment and its possessions.
* Mid Term: In the next two years, there will be a large price growth in the project specifically, and Yalova as a land in general, which is explained by the bridge between Yalova and Istanbul, in addition to major projects that Yalova will get hold of on the scale of the infrastructure and the superstructure, which will make apartments gain a higher value in a few years after the handing of the apartment.
This project due at the end of 2107
Payment Plan available:
50% down payment and the rest up to 24 month

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