Apartment for sale where green and blue meets together

Project Code: YLV-004

A pilot project features modern architectural concept valued by quality and social facilities, that provide a lot of entertainment sports and various activities. The project located in “Ginargik” Yalova with clean air and nature containing all shades of green, and it is only 50 meters away from the coast.

Luxury apartments for sale in Yalova Turkey in a unique project that is situated within the confines of a charming nature, in which the forest smells carried by breezes of fresh air coming from the Sea of Marmara. The location of this project in”Ginargik” shows the brilliance of the beauty of Yalova nature in full; through a combination of the green forest and the blue of the Sea Maramara, with all the gradation of colors of blue and green.

Apartments for sale in Turkey are designed according to a modern design that combines elegance and comfort model, taking into account the different options for apartments ranging from 1+1 until 1+4 in this project which was created on a 5.000 m2.

The project is under construction and planned to be delivered on December 2017

Payment Plan available:
Down payment 35 % and the rest up to 24 month.



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