Visas for Iraqis to Turkey right away

“Turkish tourism companies had been authorized to issue electronic visas for Iraqi national who wish to travel to Turkey without waiting the previous deadline”, as head of the Tourism Investors Association of Turkey, “Murat Arsoy declared.

“Murat Arsoy” pointed out that the reason for the delay in consulates to issue visa which take between five and six months, is due to “the large number of Iraqis who want to obtain, which is higher than the capacity of the consulate.”

” Arsoy “, Added that “tourism companies are securing electronic visa through the receipt of the required paperwork from the tourist, and submitting it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the embassy or consulates across the visa section of the Federation of Turkish tourism companies  (TÜRSAB)

He continued, “Travelers who shall be undertaken by tourism offices to secure their return to their country after the end of the period granted to them, can get a visa immediately.”

He hinted “Arsoy”, that “hospitals can also obtain visas for patients, who are proving that they will receive treatment in Turkey.”


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