Superb Project that Combines Luxury with Great Location  

Note: Only for those who Admire Luxury, Elegance, and Profit.

This project elegantly combines all the privileges of a high-end residence A++ class with exciting additional features

While redefining the meaning of luxury to also offer practicality and pleasure.

We call it “practical luxury”.

Rising above a 9.500 m2 land plot, this project successfully blends elegance, prestige and comfort, housing flats, terrace homes and offices.

Roof Bar on the 50 floor and the Pool & Cafe serve only to complement the ideal setting for style and gracious living to provide along with many other distinguished differences: A modern architectural outline. An exterior facade covered with perlite, allowing the building to breathe.

This project is embraced by İstanbul on all four sides, affording fantastic views on Maslak and Belgrade forests.

With its enchanting history, unrivaled natural setting, unique fragrances and spectacular beauties. İstanbul continues relentlessly to fascinate us from time immemorial.

There are 0+1, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartments types, to offer more choices to the clients, and there are also 4+1 Penthouses that are up to 800 square meters, lays out the beauty of the city before your eyes.

Leaving no aspect of your life untouched, this luxury project is also imparting its imprint of prestige on your business. Possessing 25,000 m2 of office space, as we are determined to advance your career and business life with its functional offices comprised of triplexes, duplexes and single floors.

Luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey is characterized by many social facilities for happy and active life, it has Fitness Center, Sauna, Spa, Gaming room, landscape garden, premium meal & food service, cinema, yoga- dance studios, in addition to open swimming pool with unrivaled magnificence in design… And its cafe in the 50th floor of the building.

There is also a Guest House and a Pet Care and indoors parking with 5 flats.

Project planned delivery on April 2017

Payment plan and discounts:

Cash Payment: 10% Discount
35% Down payment and the rest on 36 month installments: 5% Discount
25% Down payment and the rest on 24 month installments: 0% Discount
60% Down payment and the rest on delivery time: 5% Discount


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