Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul with Installments

With a direct view on the Sea of Marmara, the surroundings are simply beautiful and the on-site facilities will leave you wanting for nothing. Close by you will find all the expected amenities for family living: supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, and schools, all within an easy drive away. Public transport is easily accessible and will take you to the center of Istanbul

Your Optimum Choice in New Living Center

Apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey that will be the new favorite destination of the city as not only a housing Project but also with its living centers and facilities. It consists of 9 blocks comprising 990 apartments with 8 different types differing from 2+1 and 3+1 apartments and duplexes.

A comfortable and safe life in this project where we offer the living standards you dream of with optimum solutions.

The project provides many social facilities and services such as gardens and swimming pools with children’s play areas, sauna and steam baths, hiking trails, separate men and women gym, surveillance cameras, basketball court, football field, games room, children’s club, shoppıng center with restaurants and cafeterias

Properties for sale in Bursa Turkey in the famous Othman Ghazi area within a great location where the project distance is:

  • 800 meters from Uludag University
  • 5 km from the metro station
  • 6 km from the city center
  • 5 km from Kent Mall
  • 38 km from Yeni Sheehir Airport
  • 4 km from the zoo


Average apartments size in ​​the Project vary from 107 sqm to 190 sqm

Payment plan available in the project

35% down payment and the rest with equla installments over 24 months

Planned delivery date: October 2019main

Own Your Apartment in The Heart of New Istanbul


Project Code: TAM-136

Apartments for sale by installments in Istanbul Turkey Located within close proximity to ring roads, airport, and mass transportation channels, It will both increase your life quality and bring joy to your business life

There is a possibility of installment in the project with 35% first payment and installment up to 36 months

For more information

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Are you looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul in a residential complex with a strategic location for investment or for living and from a famous construction company !

Project Code: TAM-134

The project is located at one of the most important sites in the center of Istanbul at the Zeytinburnu area, which includes: Metropus station, tramway station and bus station in addition to the fact that the project on the highway E5.

This project is located near the metro station and tram station, 7 km from Sultanahmet, 11 km from Ataturk International Airport, 14 km from the Bosphorus Bridge.

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Apartments for Sale in Istanbul in One of the Best Residential Projects

Project Code: TAM-133

Buy your Dream Home in a World Award-Winning Project

Where luxury and comfort meet together in the heart of Istanbul Sarıyer. You will be living next door to the commercial and entertainment hubs of Taksim, Nişantaşi and Levent. All the exclusive shopping malls are within your easy reach from Bomonti on the historic peninsula. You will connect to the Bosphorus, The Golden Horn, highways and bridge connections via tunnels, avoiding the famous traffic of İstanbul.


A high-end residential project is only 25 min to Ataturk airport, 15 min to Levent, 10 min to Bilgi University, and 14 min to Taksim

The last stage surrounded by Belgrade Forest include spacious landscape garden, indoor car parking, kindergarten, AVM, shopping street, parks, cafes and entertainment center.

With its unique exterior and airy balconies, the project will let you live the unparalleled views of İstanbul from your home, and enjoy the richness of your social life. Your personal time will be enriched with a spa & sauna, fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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Award-Winning Mega-Project Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Istanbul in one of the largest residential projects and the winner of the award of the best mixed-use residential project, located in the region of Kucukcekmece in the European section of Istanbul.

The project is distinguished by the location which is within walking distance of the new metro station and the metrobus, 5 minutes from Mall Of Istanbul, 7 minutes from Forum Shopping Center, 10 minutes from Ataturk International Airport, 25 minutes from Taksim Square and 10 minutes from the third AirPort.


Kucukcekmece offers a wide range of family facilities including international schools, private universities, hospitals, Kucukcekmece Lake, Olympic Stadium, and much more within a short driving distance from the project. Ataturk Airport and the new third airport of Istanbul are both close by, while there is Metro and bus stations just in a short walk away.

This incredible mega-project has been awarded the “Best Mixed-Use Project” in Istanbul by an international real estate awards group, and offers a grand total of 23 apartment blocks with 3,540 units for sale.

Property prices and availability

  • Studio apartments size 43m2
  • 1+1 bedroom apartments size 58m2 – 92m2
  • 2+1 bedroom apartments size 91m2 – 135m2
  • 3+1 bedroom apartments size 146m2 – 175m2
  • 4+1 bedroom apartments size 180m2 – 202m2
  • 5+1 size 235 m2

The project provides many social and recreational facilities and services designed on a global level:

  • Gardens and landscape forms 80% of the project area.
  • Restaurants and cafes with lake view.
  • shops with world-famous brands.
  • soccer fields.
  • Basketball courts.
  • Volleyball courts.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Squash courts.
  • Walking and bicycles track .
  • Fitness.
  • Sauna and steam room.
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • Reading rooms and seminars.
  • Music halls.
  • Closed car parking with a capacity of 6500 cars and an open car parking for 800 cars.
  • Many assembly points and centers for celebrations, festivals, and recreational activities.
  • The Atakint School and University which is specially designed for this Project’ students for all levels from kindergarten to university. It covers an area of 24.000 m2 and consists of 64 classrooms for 1176 students. It also provides a conference hall, theater, sports courts, physical training rooms, chess rooms, music rooms, and activities.


عقارات للبيع في منطقة باشاك شهير بالقرب من مطار إسطنبول الثالث

رمز المشروع: TAM-131
مشروع مميز في منطقة باشاك شهير، والتي تعتبر واحدة من أهم المناطق الحديثة في اسطنبول بسب قربها من مطار اسطنبول الثالث والطريق السريع، وهي منطقة استراتيجية يتوفر فيها كافة المرافق الاجتماعية والخدمات العامة.
شقق للبيع في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول ضمن موقع استراتيجي فالمشروع يبعد 10كم عن مول اوف اسطنبول واحد من أكبر المولات في تركيا، 10 كم عن طريق التيم الدولي، 15 كم عن مطار اسطنبول الثالث، و 20 كم عن مطار أتاتورك الدولي، بالإضافة لقربه من المدارس، المستشفيات، المطاعم، المقاهي، أجهزة الصراف الآلي…
يتوفر في المشروع كافة الخدمات العامة من صالات رياضة، غرف بخار، ساونا، والمسابح المغلقة. وكافة الخدمات تم تصميمها بشكل منفصل للرجال والنساء كل على حدى.
للمزيد من المعلومات نرجو التواصل

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Apartments For Sale in Istanbul near Ataturk Airport

The project is located on the European side of Istanbul in Bakırköy area in one of the most important and central locations where the project is close by to the Metrobus line, the subway line, 2 km to Ataturk Airport, 75 m to CNR Exhibition Center, The E-5 Highway, Basın Ekspres road which leads to the TEM main road and mall of Istanbul, shopping malls and many other important locations available in the project area.


The project is built on 8,800 square meters and consists of two blocks:

  • The first block consists of 15 floors and contains 165 residential units in the for of one bedroom apartments 69-77 m² or two bedroom apartments 103 m².
  • The second block consists of 13 floors and contains 52 offices with sizes from 233 square meters to 409 square

The complex has many social amenities and facilities to offer such as indoor car park for 500 cars, shopping center, elevators, generator, water booster, water tank, indoor car parking area, gym, fitness center, steam room, sauna, indoor swimming pool, greatly designed garden, cafe, restaurant, technical service, reception, 24-hour security service and cameras.

This Project is ready to move

Please contact us for availability and payment terms.

Apartments for Lifestyle and Investment in Kucukcekmece

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey, located in the second investment and accommodation district Basın Express. It is in the perfect location close to city center and the fastest developing district.

Apartments for sale in Kucukçekmece close to daily necessities like the restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, banks. Real estate is 5 km to International Ataturk Airport, 7 km to CNR-EXPO Fair Center, 2 km to E-5 Highway, 3 km to Mall of İstanbul, 4 km to the famous Kucukçekmece  Lake, 1 km to İstanbul University, 23 km to the Taksim Square. You have numerous alternatives in order to make choices about transportation, to choose ‎the shop according to your mood. Do you want to meet with the world? Ataturk Airport is ‎within walking distance to you.

Project details:

  • The total area of the project 23.300 m2.
  • The project consists of 4 residential blocks with 517 apartments.
  • Different apartments types from 1+1 to 4+1
  • Fitness
  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Football playgrounds, basket, and tennis
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Security and cameras 24/24

Delivery date December 2017

Payment plan:

50% down payment and the rest by installment until the end of the project.TAM-129.jpg

فرصة استثمارية مميزة بضمان تأجير لمدة خمس سنوات قابلة للتجديد في سكاريا


يقع المشروع في مدينة سكاريا ويتميز بموقعة الاستراتيجي حيث يبعد 5 دقائق عن جامعة سكاريا، 60 دقيقة عن مطار صبيحة الدولي في اسطنبول، 30 دقيقة فقط عن مدينة ازميت، 2 كم عن بحيرة سبانجا.

المشروع هو عبارة عن مجمع سكني لطلبة الجامعة في مدينة سكاريا يتميز بموقعة الفريد، وقد تم إنشاؤه نظرا للاحتياج الكبير للسكن من قبل طلاب جامعة سكاريا. يمتد المشروع على مساحة 30 ألف مترمربع ويتألف من 512 شقة على طراز 1+1 وتم تخصيص 65% للمساحات الخضراء.

لماذا المشروع يعتبر فرصة استثمارية مميزة؟

  • المشروع مضمون من قبل أضخم شركة عالمية (Asset Campus) لإدارة سكن الطلاب، حيث تقدم خدماتها لأكثر من 78.000 طالب حول العالم في أكثر من 120 مشروع.
  • هذا المشروع هو من نوعه في تركيا، حيث يقدم خدمات السكن الطلابي لكن بمفهوم جديد.
  • ضمان تأجير لمدة خمس سنوات قابلة للتجديد بقيمة لا تقل عن 8% وتصل إلى 15% سنوياً.
  • تأخذ الشركة على عاتقها الدفع الشهري لفواتير الكهرباء و الماء و الغاز بوجب عقد اجار موقع بين صاحب العقار وبين الشركة.
  • يحق للمالك بيع العقار في أي وقت بدون أي شروط.
  • يضم جميع وسائل الراحة للطلاب من مسابح، صالات رياضية، مقاهي ومطاعم، مكتبة، غرف مؤتمرات، مركز تسوق، مواقف سيارات وغيرها للعيش بتناغم بين أجواء الدراسة والراحة النفسية.
  • سهولة إدارة عمليات التأجير والاطلاع على كافة العمليات من خلال نظام أونلاين متطور.

 المشروع قيد الإنشاء ومن المقرر تسليمه في 2018

يوجد إمكانية الدفع بالتقسيط: 35% دفعة أولى، أقساط لمدة 24 شهر