For Sale in Istanbul Luxury Duplex Apartment

Offer11The apartment is located in a complex that is considered as one of the finest complexes in the city of Istanbul

Location: Municipality of Büyükçekmece

Features: Charming view on the coast of Büyükçekmece

Number of rooms: 6 + 1

Gross area: 330 m2

Price: $325K


You may reach us by phone or WhatsApp on






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Peaceful Seaside Apartments for Sale in Beylikduzu

tam-162Mediterranean beauties, colors, peace, and happiness revive in this beautiful project located in Beylikdüzü.

Surrounded by nature and greenery, these properties lay down in the countryside area of Beylikduzu on the European side of Istanbul. Within close proximity or just a short drive away, you will find supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, pharmacies, and everything else needed for family living.

Launched at entry-level prices, these seaside apartments are located in Beylikduzu With advantageous payment plans, reserve your unit today at the lowest possible price.

Constructed by a reputable developer in Istanbul, this project offers a peaceful seaside living experience in Beylikduzu and it was launched in January 2018 with completion planned 18 months later – this is your opportunity to purchase today at the lowest possible prices. There are six blocks of properties and buyers can choose from units ranging in size from one – three bedrooms in different types, duplexes also available.

Facilities and features include:

• Commercial shops

• Landscaped gardens and relaxing areas

• Large swimming pool.

• Separate pool available for children

• Car parking.

Property prices and availability

• 1+1 bedroom from 75 m2

• 2+1 bedroom from 110 m2

• 3+1 bedroom from 180 m2

Payment plan information

35% down payment and balance paid over 36 months

For price range and sqm please check the project link:

You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp on




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فقط لمن يبحث عن التميز

إطلالة خلابة على بحر مرمرة، حيث يمتزج الأخضر والأزرق ليشكلا لوحة فنية بديعة
هنا حيث بإمكانك التمتع بمنظر البحر الآخاذ من كل غرفة
فيلا للبيع في إسطنبول مقابل شاطئ سباحة غوربينار الذي يفصل بيوك تشكمجة عن بيلكدوزو
الفيلا مساحة 280 متر مربع على أرض 500 متر مربع
5 غرف وصالونين
يوجد حراسة وامن على مدار الساعة كونها توجد ضمن مجمع فلل
الفيلا معروضة من الصاحب مباشرة لدينا
السعر 720,000 دولار
كمخولين من صاحب الفيلا بامكانك التواصل معنا من أجل حجز موعد لجولة مشاهدة
نضمن لكم السعر الافضل
يمكنكم التواصل معنا على أحد الأرقام التالية (جوال + واتس اب)
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Special offer in a ready-to-live project

1+1 Apartment for sale with total price just $ 40,000 in Istanbul European side

Residential compound with services in the Bahçeşehir district

The project includes fitness center, walking trails and swimming pools

The compound is 24 kilometers to Ataturk Airport and 25 kilometers to the third airport, which will be the largest airport in Europe.

The project area is 33000 square meters. 70 percent of the project consists of green spaces.

The complex is consisting of 7 buildings with closed parking and outdoor parking

There is also a shopping center with shops

Additional information about the project

More information about Bahçeşehir

Information about the third airport

You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp on





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شقق فاخرة في اسطنبول للبيع بالتقسيط

شقق فاخرة في اسطنبول للبيع بالتقسيط
رمز المشروع: TAM-161
شقق للبيع في اسطنبول في منطقة بيلك دوزو والتي سوف تشهد عصر جديد بفضل الهندسة المعمارية الحديثة, مراكز التسوق, مناطق الترفيه و الشوارع التي تحمل الطابع الفرنسي. هذا المشروع الأول في بيليك دوزو والذي يحتوي على نمط الحياة المترفة اضافة الى مفهوم التسوق الفريد.
عقارات للبيع في اسطنبول تركيا ضمن مجمع يبعد مسافة قريبة عن العديد من مراكز الجذب والترفيه مثل الكليات ورياض الأطفال والمساجد والمستشفيات والعيادات والصيدليات والمطاعم والمقاهي والمحلات التجارية ومراكز التسوق والبنوك والفنادق والحدائق ومناطق ملاعب للأطفال، والمرافق الرياضية ووسائل النقل.
تقع الشقق على بعد 2.5 كم من مارينا اسطنبول الغربية، وعلى بعد 5 كم من الطريق السريع E-5، وعلى بعد 11 كم من الطريق السريع تيم، و 20 كم من مطار اسطنبول الدولي أتاتورك.
تم بناء هذا المجمع السكني الرائع على مساحة 44.426 متر مربع ويتكون من 9 ابنية تحتوي على 1160 شقة و 77 وحدة تجارية.
الخدمات المتوفرة في المشورع:
• أول مركز للتسوق بالهواء الطلق في بيلك دوزو.
• محلات تجارية ومطاعم لماركات مشهورة.
• مركز صحي.
• ممرات ومسارات للمشي.
• مسابح داخلية وخارجية.
• مركز اللياقة البدنية.
• ملعب كرة سلة وملعب تنس.
أنواع الشقق المتوفرة في المشروع:
• شقق غرفة نوم واحدة مساحة 58-77 مترمربع .
• شقق غرفتين نوم مساحة 84-143 متر مربع.
• شقق 3 غرف نوم مساحة 145-194 متر مربع .

يوجد امكانية التقسيط في المشروع
دفعة اولى 25% والباقي اقساط على 60 شهر

للمساحات والأسعار والمزيد من المعلومات نرجو زيارة رابط المشروع
كما يمكنكم التواصل معنا على أحد الأرقام التالية (جوال + واتس اب)

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Near the Lake

tam-160Project Code: Tam-160

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey in a unique project that is located in the constantly evolving Küçükçekmece which is in proximity to such large-scale investment projects such as the new airport and the new bridge, which makes it one of the most popular spots in Istanbul in terms of real estate investment. With its location close to the major transportation routes such as the Express Way, TEM and E5 which connect the project with all the directions of Charming Istanbul.

Project Features:

Indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, fitness center, indoor and outdoor car parking area, kindergarten, playground for children, basketball court, cafes, restaurants, generator, caretaker, 24/7 security and security camera system.

The project is under construction and it will be delivered on 8/2018.

Payment plan available:

30% down payment 15 months installment

40% down payment 24 months installment

For price range and sqm please check the project link:

You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp on




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Turkey Reopens its Doors to Foreigners in Lebanon

The Turkish embassy opened an office in Beirut on Monday to receive requests from foreigners, especially Syrians and Palestinians wishing to travel to Turkey, in the presence of the Turkish ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Çağatay Erciyes.

The office will examine the application of each foreigner provided that he/she is a legitimate resident in Lebanon, whatever his / her nationality, especially the Syrians and Palestinians, where now it is possible to grant them a visa to Turkey by setting a date through the Turkish Embassy on the Internet.


After receiving the appointment, the person should visit the Turkish office, accompanied by the required documents, and it should be replied within a week at the latest, whether approval or rejection.

The Director of the Turkish Office explained that this new office will relieve the pressure on the Turkish Embassy, where the office can receive 100 applications per day, study it quickly and respond to it, while the Turkish Embassy cannot receive more than 20 requests. To get a visa to Turkey it costs $ 90.

Applications can be made via the following website:

For more information:


Invest with Sheraton Hotel in Bahcesehir Istanbul

TAM-159.jpgProject Code: TAM-169

In cooperation with Sheraton International Hotel Group, we offer you this wonderful project in the Bahcesehir area of Istanbul, Sheraton Residence will be a golden opportunity for new investments being the most famous project in the region of Bahcesehir in the European section of Istanbul.

Invest in Hotel apartments in a project that is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul. It has the most luxurious residential complexes, the finest shopping centers, shops, restaurants and parks, and is close to the famous Akbaty Mall. The metro station will be in walking distance of the project as it will be completed by 2019 in parallel to the project delivery date.

In addition to the above, the project is 22 minutes away from the third airport in Istanbul, which will be one of the largest airports in Europe.

Hotel apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey in a  project that is being built on the area of 7600 square meters, 20 floors were allocated as residential apartments, the available space 1+1, 2+1 but if you want to buy a large apartment 3+1 or 4+1, it is possible to merge two or more apartments.

The project consists of one building of 40 floors with a total of 228 apartments, first four floors were assigned as offices, ten floors dedicated to the Sheraton Hotel, two floors for social facilities, in addition to a special area for helicopters landing.

You will enjoy the view of the Marmara Sea from the high er floors apartments in the project as well as various facilities within the project such as Turkish bath and sauna, gym, five-star reception, cafe and parking for cars.

There is a rental guarantee in the project from the 19th floor to the 30th floor, for 2 years (after the 2 years we can also manage the flat as long as client wants as a continuation with Nidya Hotel)

  • 1+1 = 1000 $ – 1100 $
  • 2+1= 1400 $ – 1500 $

Also for 3+1 and 4+1, we can offer a rental guarantee but the rental amount for these flats is not decided yet.


  • 35% down payment
  • 36-48 months installments

Date of delivery: December 2019

For more information

00905388326665 Whatsapp

00905388326664 Whatsapp

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Invest in Outstanding Residential Project in Sultangazi Istanbul


The project is Located in Sultangazi and is only moments away from the TEM Highway and public transport including a Metro station.

Transporting from Sultangazi to central Istanbul has never been easier and it takes only ten minutes to drive towards Taksim and even quicker to Maslak and Osmanbey. Lifestyle facilities including some of the best schools, universities, hospitals, banks, and much more are all within close proximity or can be driven to without experiencing traffic problems. All in all, the location is second to none and this is a must see project close to everything you could need.

We offer the opportunity to buy high-quality apartments or commercial offices in the heart of Istanbul at prime investment prices with high returns on sale and rent in a location that combines modernity with modern architecture and simulation with Istanbul’s historic landmarks.

The project will be built on a land area of 75,000 m², in a typical way away from the crowding of population and to add commercial and investment value to the project which includes 8 blocks including 5 residential buildings consisting of 468 apartments and 3 commercial buildings of 444 home offices and we have added a trademark to all investors by construction of a commercial mall inside the complex includes 270 shops with all famous brands.


  • 2 minutes to reach the nearest metro station
  • 3 minutes to reach major government hospital
  • 5 minutes to Turk Telecom Stadium
  • 5 minutes to Istanbul Vialand
  • 7 minutes to reach Maslak and Osmanbey
  • 8 minutes to reach the Technical University
  • 8 minutes to reach the Istinye Park
  • 10 minutes to reach Taksim
  • 10 minutes to Fatih Sultan Mohamed bridge
  • 15 minutes to reach the Bosphorus Bridge

Facilities and features include:

  • 24-hour security system
  • Gardens and wide green spaces
  • Safe and fun entertainment for children
  • Professional swimming pool for adults
  • Private and safe swimming pool for children
  • A professional gym with aerobic halls
  • Private playgrounds for basketball
  • Special roads for walking sport and bicycle
  • Special parking for internal and external cars
  • Lobby and receptions for commercial towers
  • A huge mall with 270 shops
  • Cinemas theaters for adults, children movies
  • A huge market to provide your needs
  • Restaurants, cafes deserved all kind of food

Delivery date: 6/2019

35% Downpayment 48 months installment

For more information

00905388326665 Whatsapp

00905388326664 Whatsapp

00905388326650 Whatsapp


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In Turkey … Increased Demand for Apartments Purchase by Foreigners

The real estate sector in Turkey witnessed an increase in the purchase of apartments for foreigners since the beginning of this year until the end of last month compared to the same period last year.

The increased percentage reached 21.4%. The number of apartments bought by foreigners throughout Turkey during this period is 16 thousand and 549 apartments.

news 236

The number of apartments purchased by foreigners during the past month alone reached 2152 apartments, with an increase of 21.5 percent compared to the same month last year.

Iraqis ranked first in buying apartments last month, with 405 apartments purchase. The Saudis came second with 239 apartments.

Experts said the reasons for this demand are due to the security and stability in Turkey and the devaluation of the Turkish lira against the dollar.